Control film

      In the film, Control, the audience is quickly introduced to the demanding lifestyle of the fame- hungry Manchester band, Joy Division. We as viewers are exposed to the main character and lead singer of the band, Ian Curtis, who not far into the film experiences a change that will forever alter his way of living. It is very obvious that living with any diagnosis like epilepsy would be a grave struggle. For Ian Curtis, it was perhaps a slight bit more difficult to accept his diagnoses, especially when considering just how determined he was to lead the band into rock recognition.

            What is not so obvious in the film, is the irony that is demonstrated when bearing in mind the presence and allure that Ian Curtis tried so hard to prove he possessed when on stage and in his personal life. He spent every moment of his life (besides when he was alone or having seizures) displaying an outsider persona of someone who had complete control over his actions, didn’t care what his fans thought, as if he were not ashamed of his epilepsy at all. When in actuality, Ian’s world was falling apart and he was beginning to lose control over every facet of his life.

             Ian became renowned for his live stage performances , especially when he began to repeatedly act out the “epilepsy dance.” It’s not exactly clear why he came up with those specific moves and arm gestures. Perhaps he wanted to share with his audience how much he didn’t mind having epilepsy. If he showed that he possessed  ‘control’ over his movements and dramatic motions on stage and the audience accepted it, maybe it would show them how much ‘control’ he had over his [life]disease, too. He was merely trying to deceive the crowd with his blatant stage show.

            Aside from his band’s career, Ian is also responsible for being a loving husband to his wife and father to his child. He realizes that he is not being a good father, neglecting to spend time at home because he spends all of his “free time” on the road traveling with the band. Making Ian’s marriage begins to unravel when he and the band start performing more often at better venues. At one point in the film when the band is playing at a well- known club, Ian failed to put his own wife (who was also pregnant at the time) on the guest list, making her feel  extremely neglected and irritated with Ian. Making matters even worse, Ian picks up one of the fans (who turns out to be a very bad influence) at one point during their tour and continues to see her throughout the rest of the film.

            Ian sadly spent the majority of his down time being depressed, alone. He came up with the song, “ Isolation” at that time, which contained exceedingly personal lyrics ( even suicidal) about his own deep feelings which he felt no one could understand. Ironically, the song turned into a “genius” hit, the perfect combination of fast music and   depressing lyrics (that no one thought twice about taking seriously at the time.)


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  1. David Castleman Says:

    I liked you blog, but I had trouble finding your thesis statement. All your points seem coherent and relevant but it seems like it’s difficult to tie them all together into an effective thesis. I liked the way you pointed out some of the irony in the film. It would probably be beneficial to add on a strong concluding paragraph on the end, although that becomes difficult without a clear, strong thesis. Also, make sure to cite your resources, it gives your writing credibility.

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